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Interesting article by Daniel "Soul Reader" Tilly

Interesting article by Daniel "Soul Reader" Tilly

Postby informer » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:01 pm

I recently came across an article on an underground poker forum (which I won't promote here, there are lots of 'anonymous' agents, vice etc) by someone you might know, eccentric, retired? poker pro Daniel Tilly from Australia who seems to be keeping busy campaigning for medical marijuana and from what i've read its dicriminalisation across the board including for licensed drivers in general. I read everything of his, but I thought this piece was particularly eloquent, unbiased and well tempered.

Daniel Tilly wrote:
The more and longer you smoke Cannabis the LESS cannabinoid receptors, they actually reduce, a comprehensive study has proven. Is this the brain trying to protect itself from psychosis, meaning, defense against an actual trigger?? But it would seem that whatever it is, it leaves you with a feeling of flatness after abstaining, which would mimic the effects of withdrawal or depression/increased depression. It would also explain why you get so high after a break period (in fact higher than the first time you use it, contradicting
almost every other recreational or hard drug), ...not enough receptors to handle the old dose, and why some still heavy pot users claim pot has no effect anymore,...as they may have no receptors left at all! so that's brain damage, like alcohol does, except alcohol is actually a catalyst in lowering IQ, where it seems marijuana won't affect that like it does in lowering emotional intel and sanity. We can't rule out either, that in regards to psychosis, it may not be the drug itself cosmetically causing it, but instead be the information and insights people learn whilst under its influence and their capacity to process it at any one time. It's an essential medicine for 1000's of ailments that's unarguable, but it seems pretty clear now that consumers need to be leaning to the less is more approach otherwise they are simply setting themselves up for more medical problems, particularly irreversible mental ones. Even I myself knew of many pot smoking teens who either self medicated or had
their psychosis brought on by it, and even after them having quit for decades are still the exact same complete utter psychopaths I knew them as as teens. Which is important to note, because once psychosis sets in, it's in, and only heads in 1 direction then, to even more debilitating conditions. In conclusion Marijuana is NOT a soft drug (like I have always claimed, but always gets little support for here), unless it's ONLY used softly or irregularly, and always without tobacco so to remove the addictive/habitual component, but needs a sales or grower tax to offset this social/health cost. Societies cannot and should not even contemplate tackling hard drugs (which will reach crisis point soon) until Marijuana is addressed properly, instead of it being scapegoated and buried into complex and contradictory laws. The reality is, the defence personnel of our countries and borders use hard drugs recreationally for the most part because they beat the drug tests with it A LOT easier, and that is an international disgrace and exposes and personifies the incompetence of our leaders/policy makers, which I'm always happy to share when it's absolutely necessary.

The poor and the sick don't have the time, money nor the luck to fight over a weed in the court system. Targeting them purely over circumstance (or perhaps the adult is simply anti-alcohol) is no better than those monopolising charities out there that profit off the poor and have an intrinsic self preservation interest in perpetuating and maintaining poverty in society. I.E. it's abhorent that we live in a society that kicks the vulnerable as it is to live in a society that relegates ALL its welfare guarantees for 3rd parties to deliver (creating a real, and metaphorical revolving door) such as charities, which should all be abolished, except for crisis accommodation which is actually a stepping stone OUT. We have 20% youth unemployment in Australia,..has it even occured to a single soul that this may be the result from incompetent, inexperienced, corrupt providers rather than the youths themselves fault, or his or her weekend pot smoking and chocolate binge? Maybe everyone has this victim/self entitlement mentality because they actually ARE victims of something, and have never been entitled to anything!, including a 'fair go' or justice. You'll hear it's always "THC plays a part in 25%, 50%, 75% of road deaths", but someone show me the research where it's SOLELY responsible for even 5% (that means excluding fatigue/brainwaves, though that can and should be tested for like alcohol/hard drugs) of them and I'll retract my entire article here and let you (corrupt) agents do crack till your egos erupt out of your skulls, more than gladly. Sure, nobody's perfect, monkeys make mistakes, ...but it's humans that attempt to rectify them, and further to prevent them.
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Re: Interesting article by Daniel "Soul Reader" Tilly

Postby Ashton K » Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:03 pm

I have to agree with this chump. I've been smoking flat out since the day I squeezed my first zit and the handful of car accidents I've been in were when I was not stoned, usually rushing to work. I'm as safe as the White House to
drive stoned, the only risk I am to others is when rushing to the dealers house once a month to catch him before work!

I still can't believe they test you guys for pot, it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's like testing a professional tennis player for tennis elbow....you know he's got it. Completely pointless.

What else I find interesting is that this research he refers to is basically explaining the ICE epedmic in both our lands. If it's true, that some people will blaze themselves completely intolerant, then it would be a very natural curiosity for them to then experiment and become hooked on ice. So 'the laws' might have little to no effect on preventing the surge of ice. Seems a new strategy is needed, including an education based one.

Good read.
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