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The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby rerazor » Fri May 01, 2015 12:45 am

Entitled Bogan wrote:snippet/

The Liberal Conservatives are hell bent on destroying the fabric of civil society.

Hi, I've just had a reread of some things now that I have the time to give it my full attention, and I wish to inform and correct the above member's quote.

It was in fact the opposing Labor party that brought in the most draconian measures, so you shouldn't delude yourself into thinking one side of politics is any better than another. The 'Basics Card' (aka food stamps with your name on them) was brought in by Labor. As much as I frown upon slave labour camps/work for welfare projects (the conservatives idea) they usually have 'outs', if you participate in a constructive activity.

With the Basics card however, there are no outs. Everyone unemployed who has already been stripped of their dignity, in every sense, incl by governments in the first instance, will eventually be handed a further slap in the face with compulsory Basics Cards, the ultimate bottom end....worst shade and aspect of social policy. Its fascism masquerading as socialism. It will cement a status of underclass for all eternity, feeding negativity into an already problematic situation for those who will be forever stamped with the mark of the beast.

Its much more pragmatic to pay people less instead. In fact, I personally would be too proud to use one of those cards if I found myself in that situation, preferring to rob banks much more so, out of principle.

Comparedly, a 'work for welfare' policy can be adjusted and even removed at any time, economics dependant. Where as a Basics Card would/will quickly become part of the business and cultural fabrics, ingrained, and never removed. This card is your biggest threat E.B. It will destroy your confidence, rendering you unwilling and incapable of ever working again, and you probably don't even realise this yet, but you need to.

If you want to make a small but significant overall difference, then you should consider boycotting any institution/business/charity that supports these cards, as they have been corrupted, and are the fascist intrical patsies who are currently working with government to bring this whole new dark era about. This is how it really works. Money corrupts, period.

The reality is, nobody has 'your back' in this world, except yourself, and your friends here at LPP. You sound very intelligent and capable of 'making a difference', and if you do want to, please heed my experienced advice, and that would be to not waste your life and effort in challenging policies that are propagated as distractions, when you've awoken and realised that some policies are mere smoke and mirrors when compared to vicious underhanded undercurrents taking place in the background, such as the Basics Card for example, which is really not just a war on your mind, but a war on your soul. Both you and your brother are 'entitled' to at least have a healthy soul, there is no question.

Good luck.
Victoria- The bureaucratic nightmare State. Corrupting good civil servants into braindead revenue collectors by using fear. The community pays.


"I will do anything to get this job but sell my ass" -Tony Abbott (Liberal Conservative) to independent MP Tony Windsor in private negotiations during the 2010 hung parliament.

"I could" -MP Jenny Macklin (Labor) the useless whining braindead slob fraud (who brought in the Orwellian 'Basics Card') in adamant response to a reporter when asked if she could live on $35 a day quarantined welfare. At the time her parliamentary salary was $1000 A DAY CASH.
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby Entitled Bogan » Fri May 08, 2015 8:49 am

Thanks bud.

You seen this?(my policy)- Max rent assistance of 250 p/f should kick in when rent is 250 p/w. This is the median rent price, and what I pay so I would know about it. To pay me anything between 60 (the current max) or 125 p/w is a pointless slap in the face and is not at all 'assisting' me to get out of my dead-end suburb into a prosperous one with stable work. The housing structure of our economy/any economy IS WHY the poor r getting poorer. And the rent assist policy fosters this , and why? Because the rich aren't just getting richer, but Super richer. To allow them this obscenity continuation they control inflation by NOT allowing people to work themselves out of poverty, effectively allowing the rich to blow all their cash on pointless materialistic crap imported from even POORER countries than this!! Its an economical rort of gigantic proportions. The motto- take advantage of the poor and bleed them all dry...It's a dog eat human world...Let the poor starve until they try to eat the rich.

And im refering to all those millions of poor people who either can't get more hours, or can't physically work them. Part time work is the very best step towards full time work, and these days the only step. But if working part time (+a part pension/rent assistance) won't even pay your bills, this is a disincentive to work at all! And then dangerous slums like West Sydney are the result. The rent is no longer affordable in the slum either, because slums grow and consume entire suburbs, attracting mainstream/average rent rates. Can't move out of a slum into a neighboring suburb when that's a slum too now. So people are stuck, whilst the poverty is entrenched. More housing won't help, because there aren't any jobs on the outskirts. People have as much 'choice' as they can get. Free market capatilism doesn't grow land so the whole system is an unsustainable furfy. Its a lie. The market won't save us. Only God can/could.

And god can start by paying people the rent assistance they are entitled to. Who the fuck wants to live in those boarding kennels full of junkies? The poor have been left for dead, and extra curricula criminalness is no longer a choice for the working poor but a necessity. Money for the poor, and jail for the poor judgement...That's what I want. Welfare Pollies+Criminal Court Judges are a disgrace in this country, they've destroyed it. The poor get kicked in the balls time after time, whilst getting kicked in the balls by their neighbouring crims...who get let off by judges!, time after time. THIS IS THE RESULT OF A DEMOCRACY THAT'S ALL POLITICS, NO VISION. WE DONT GET OUR MONEY'S WORTH FROM THEM, IT IS THEY THAT SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY, and fuck them getting paid 1K a day!, F-U-C-K that. Its to much. They're corrupt if west Sydney is considered acceptable. So instead of paying people the proper amount of rent assistance they give YOU a basics card and say its YOUR FAULT. Its pure evil, and the more evil a society they create, the more we lower our standards of them, and of us. Zero brains, Zero vision. Where is the politician who is PROUD to announce the overdue fair rent assistance adjustment? WHERE ARE THEY? I don't fucken care how or where they get the money, as long as they don't steal it from me to pay it to me. Jesus Christ..housing should be the number 1 fucking priority, because we all need a roof. Fucking jokes, the lot of them. I'm getting robbed by people poorer than me...and getting robbed by lowlifes with no respect... and getting robbed by cops and councils with crazy fines...and getting robbed by judges not doing their job,...and I'm getting robbed by the pollies who I fucking elect. Where does the buck stop?

The poor will inherit the earth, there is no fucking doubt. I'd say see you pollies in hell except that I won't actually be there, so I won't see yas. But gl with that. Btw Prime Minister Rabbit, before you hop along to your next (daily) publicity stunt I just wanted to let you know that in 10 years when my public house becomes available in some random junkie infested slum I'll be relinquishing my house to you, because that's all YOU deserve, and I'd be dead by then anyway if I don't get me and my bro out.
It's funny. Earth might be the only place in the universe with human intelligence, and it's where every single employee is treated like a robot, and random nobodies blow themselves up to get sex with virgins. If we are'nt living in a computer simulation I'll buy Tony Abbott's ass and eat it for breakfast and wash it down with a Hockey Cuban cigar.

#Path of self destruction.
Entitled Bogan
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby Ashton K » Sat May 09, 2015 5:45 am


-gets $60 pw Rent Assistance (which is no assistance), wants double.

-gets fucked a lot (without consent).

-gets temporary Rant King Crown (good timing).

I find $60 pw of coins in my couch each week. I'd ship that to you if it was convenient...and legal.
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Ashton K
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby Troll+Troll » Sun May 10, 2015 9:39 am

He forgot the banks. Their screwing him to. I find them to be the best screw,

...cant sit down for a lifetime. :)
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby I'm Made » Sun May 10, 2015 11:03 pm

Where I'm from the median rent is 400 pw so you must have got a good deal. I'd say the nation median would have to be over 300. So based on your info and circumstances you receive a basic benefit of 250 pw+ 60 pw rent assistance, then you pay 250pw for rent which leaves you $60 pw for food, bills and fuel. Fuck me. Struggle street should be more aptly named Democide street. I'm angry just reading this (not living it), my tax dollars are paying for this democide, fucking unbelievable.
Disclaimer- I will not be held liable for anything I say that makes rerazor angry.

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I'm Made
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby Entitled Bogan » Mon May 11, 2015 12:31 am

I'm Made wrote:Where I'm from the median rent is 400 pw so you must have got a good deal. I'd say the nation median would have to be over 300.

Er bud, the AVERAGE rent PRICE would be 400 pw, I'm talking about the median amount each individual pays (also a price, but I should've been clearer). My rent is 500 pw , I share and split it down the middle. The sickest part of ALL THIS is that for an extra $60 per week I could actually pay down my credit card and within 5 years get the fuck out of Sydney and get a reliable job anywhere
else and afford to live. Instead, in 10 years DHS will build me a slum in a slum and hand the keys to my rotting useless corpse.
It's funny. Earth might be the only place in the universe with human intelligence, and it's where every single employee is treated like a robot, and random nobodies blow themselves up to get sex with virgins. If we are'nt living in a computer simulation I'll buy Tony Abbott's ass and eat it for breakfast and wash it down with a Hockey Cuban cigar.

#Path of self destruction.
Entitled Bogan
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby Rap's MVP » Mon May 11, 2015 9:48 am

How ya like me nehhhh bitch.

Yo check this.

I was from the streets, so I know wats up. These silly games that are played by the bitches, the leeches, you see I'll only be happy when I'm in the bleachers, with Richie, the richest.

I smoke you Wak Daddy, like waky tobaccy...now don't be maddy.

Now hold up and listen up fools. Poverty is hell. Its a hole in your heart, you keep filling with drugs, you need be filling with hugs. Being broke is tough, and for others its always been that way. I was my mother's pimp mother fuckers.

You can't win this war, until you throw your demons out the door.

You need 5 years to get outta Compton bogan buoy? Then your brain just died. Everything is an excuse, is all I heard.

Pack your bags, wave goodbye to your dealer who likes to feel ya, and get the hell outta hell. Peace. Do it, or lose it.
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Rap's MVP
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Re: The kevin satan thread (part 2).

Postby MacdaddyBlak » Mon May 11, 2015 10:43 am

? I ain't even in this thread. Sit your chocolate cake ass down BOI. This is a serious discusion here. Sure, the boganiga doesn't realise how good he gotz it compared to Compton but he is obv heading down the American route and be trying to stop that shit, before its to late. Sounds to me like it already be that, and he's just sayin what time it is. It's what this forum is for. If people don't see the problem they won't get their asses off the ground to fix it, dough BOI.

Keep fighting the foo EB, that's all you can do. Its up to you, its the old skool meets the new, and some y'all **** r bitches to. Just be real, you know what to do, MVP BOIs in your cereal, nuthin but a TOY to chew. Out!
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